Friday 9 September 2016

Villette in Russian – Part Two

There were three editions of the translation in 2007. Two of them were published by AST Chranitelj from Moscow. The first of these had 525 pages and was 17 cm high, the second was 18 cm. 

Covers of the two 2007 AST
Russian Villettes
(Painting: Karl Bryullov - Portrait
of Princess Elizabeta Saltykova (1841))

The third Villette of 2007 was published by Eksmo (605 pp.)

Cover of the 2007 Eksmo
Russian Villette
(Painting: Heinrich Maria Hess -
Portrait of Fanny Gail (1820-1))

The Orel/Surits translation was republished by Terra in 2008 (558 pp.)

Cover of the 2008 Terra Russian Villette
Back cover of the 2008
Terra Russian 
An abridged version, with Godorok as title, was published in two instalments in 2008 in a ‘literary-artistic journal’ but the National Library of Russia does not give its name, nor could any further information be found about it.

There were three editions in 2009 of the Orel/Surits translation. The first one was published by Eksmo from Moscow (605 pp.). It had the same cover as their 2007 edition.
The second one was published by Leningradskoe Publisher from Sankt-Petersburg (477 pp.).

Cover of the 2009 Leningradskoe
Russian Villette

The third edition was published by the international book club ‘Family Leisure Club’ with the title Villet (560 pp.).

Cover of the 2009
Family Leisure Club Villette
The years 2010 and 2011 each saw two AST Moscow editions, one with 448 pages, one with 528. Three of them had the same cover.

Cover of the 2010 and 2011 editions
of Russian Villette

The 2011 AST edition with 448 pages had another new cover.

Cover of the second 2011
AST Villette
There were two more editions in 2012. The first of these was published by Azbuka-Attikus from St. Petersburg (542 pp.).

Cover of the 2012 Azbuka Villette
(Painting: Franz Xavier Winterhalter -
Princess Elizabeth Esperovna
Belosselskyt (1859))

The second edition of 2012 was published in Charkov by Belgorod (717 pp.), with Villet as title. It’s not certain, but it will be the Orel/Surits translation.

Cover of the 2012 Belgorod Villette
(Painting: Thomas Faed-Sophia and
Olivia from The Vicar of
Wakefield (1851))

The last two editions were published in 2013 by Azbuka again (542 pp.). They had the same cover as the 2012 edition.

Eric Ruijssenaars

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