Wednesday 6 January 2021

Helen MacEwan to talk on Brontës at Arts Society Brussels

Helen MacEwan, founder of the Brussels Brontë Group, will give a talk by Zoom for The Arts Society Brussels next week. 

Helen will take her audience on a virtual tour of Brussels at the time Charlotte and Emily Brontë were in the city in the early 1840s. 

She will look at the places associated with their stay, mostly gone now, but there are still some traces. She'll also have a look at the French essays the sisters wrote for Monsieur Heger while at the girls school in the Rue d'Isabelle, at some passages in The Professor and Villette that reflect Charlotte’s experiences in Brussels and at her letters to Heger.

The talk will be on Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 20:00. Non-members can register here. The cost is €8.

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