Monday, 11 June 2007

The 2007 AGM

It had been two years since I was last in Haworth during the AGM, and though this visit would be but a short one, I was determined to savour every last minute and enjoy myself to the full.
Of our group, I knew only Helen would definitely be there.
This time Helen and I would be in Haworth for the first time together, whereas Brussels had been our meeting ground ever since we met each other. It was our Brontë meeting in a different surrounding. Quite special and very pleasant it was too.
I was already there on Thursday, so I had some time to myself, which I mainly used for walking up and down Main Street, around the Parsonage, and buying my first books.
I met up with Helen for lunch on Friday, when most members arrived for the weekend.
In my report on the Brontë Parsonage Blog, (June weekend 2),I am writing more about the several events.
I am sending a few more photos with this little report.
(From top to bottom:
- Victoria Glendinning during her talk Friday afternoon
- Auction of books on Friday evening
- Tea at Ashmount, Saturday afternoon
- Discussion panel with eminent Brontë biographers, Saturday evening)

Most exciting for me, and Helen too, was the fascinating panel discussion with the great Brontë biographers.
I was in great awe being so close to these wonderful researchers and writers. As I wrote in my report, I took the opportunity of speaking a few words with Juliet Barker, whose biography on the entire Brontë family I always call the ‘Brontë Bible’. She was very kind, but my nerves spoiled it for me, for I actually wanted to ask her autograph. If I had been brave enough, I so wished to ask the entire panel for their autograph. It was not to be.
I wonder what she made of my news about our Brussels group; would she be curious enough to have a look at our Website and Blog?
It was wonderful being back in this beautiful place; I enjoyed seeing so many friends and familiar faces again. I hope next time, the Brussels group may be even more present…

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