Monday 14 June 2010

Annual Brontë weekend in Haworth: a novice's experience

Haworth moors

Patty Simou (on the left) with other members of the Brussels group (Maureen Peeck, Renate Hurtmanns, Helen MacEwan, Gunilla Westman and Eva Stönner) chatting to UK Brontë Society members in Haworth

This was my first time in Haworth. Already an avid fan of the Brontë literature, I was looking forward to finally walking in the place where the three sisters lived and wrote. The Brontë Society had prepared an excellent programme to highlight all that which makes the Brontës eternally interesting - their style that has inspired so many other authors of their time, but also continues to inspire authors of the present.

The choice of lectures combined all the domains the sisters engaged in, and I was pleasantly surprised that they exceeded my expectations, with all these new details to further feed my interest in them. The programme was also accentuated by the restoration of the Brontë piano, and the pleasure of an evening of music "out of this world". The notion of such an old instrument, that gave so much pleasure to the Brontës, finally being able to play music transcending all generations into the future - what an experience! The trips organised in the area also provided an insight into the region and an appreciation for the history of people and places that have formed the world we live in.

And then, there were the moors of course... Such indescribable beauty that, despite all the travels I've made, left me speechless. That vast area of all the shades of green, the absolute silence for enjoyment and reflection... This is a sight I fully recommend to all those who have not yet travelled to Haworth.

The most important aspect of this trip, however, were the people I met: the other members of the group, who embraced me in this first journey to the history of the Brontës and of Haworth and who, with their addictive interest and knowledge of the subjects, wooed me into wanting to learn more myself! Their kindness and this exchange of information and experience brings out the best in people, and has made me immerse myself into learning more and enjoy this interaction!

A truly wonderful experience all in all, to be repeated!

Patty Simou

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