Sunday 6 March 2016

‘Op woeste hoogte’

It’s 1860. Patrick Brontë tells the story of his lifetime. It’s his last spring. He is alone. He is strong but a man of sorrow. He has seen his wife and six children die. His one son-in-law is the only family left to him in England. Strangers come to his house all the time because of his three famous daughters, the Brontë sisters.

Even though we know every word of this story, Vincent Bijlo tells it in his own inimitable way. With suprising links to our own time, both serious and ironic. The story gets even better, because Mariska Reijmerink weaves poems, mostly of Emily, through it by singing them beautifully with music she composed. They are accompanied by The Rossettis, musicians on piano, violin and drums, who really know what a poem needs.

If you understand Dutch and are anywhere near (or even not so near) the places they perform  go and hear them!

(See www.therossettis.com)

Marcia Zaaijer

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