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'The Professor' in Russian and Ukrainian

The first Russian translation of The Professor was published in 1857, in the journal Otechestvennye zapisky (Notes of the Fatherland) nr. 115, pp. 107-202 and 621-730. The second translation was first published in 1997 by Mir I Semya (382 pp.).  There have been more translators but the title is always the same: Учитель (Utchitel, The teacher). This translation was done by Natalia Fleishman, who also did the annotations. An afterword was written by Yekaterina Teplova. The book has illustrations by Ljudmila Sergeeva.

Cover of the 1997 Russian
The Professor

The second and third editions of the Fleishman translation were published in 2006 by Tekst from Moscow (284 pp.).

Cover of the first 2006 Russian
The Professor

Cover of the second 2006 Russian
The Professor

It was published again by Eksmo from Moscow in 2009, together with a translation of Shirley (732 pp.). The cover though only mentions The Professor as title.

Cover of the 2009 Russian
The Professor/Shirley

In 2010 it was published by Eksmo together with a translation of Jane Eyre (832 pp.).

Cover of the 2010 Russian
The Professor/Jane Eyre
(Painting: Heinrich Maria Hess -
Portrait of Fanny Gail (1820-1))
The sixth edition of the Fleishman translation was published in 2011 by Azbuka from St. Petersburg (316 pp.).

Cover of the 2011 Russian
The Professor
(Painting: Alfred Stevens - Le
bouquet (1857))

There were three editions of a Russian The Professor in 2012. Firstly, Azbuka published a new edition, the seventh of the Fleishman translation (316 pp.). It had the same cover as their 2011 edition.

The eight’ edition was published by the Family Leisure Book Club from Belgorod. Here the translation was in a book together with Jane Eyre and with Charlotte’s Ashford  (1088 pp.).

Cover of the 2012 Russian
The Professor/Jane Eyre/Ashford
(Painting: John Singer Sargent -
In a garden, Corfu (1909))

In 2012 too there was also a new translation by Alexandra Testova, published by Lenigradskoe from St. Petersburg (316 pp.).

Cover of the 2012 Leningradskoe
Russian The Professor

In 2013 there were four editions. Azbuka republished their Fleishman translation with the same cover as in 2011 and 2012 (320 pp.). The Family Leisure Book Club republished the The Professor/Jane Eyre/Ashford edition, also with the same cover as in 2012 (1088 pp.).

Azbuka also published a book with translations of The Professor (the Fleishman translation), Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Angrian tales (1472 pp.).

Cover of the 2013 Azbuka The Professor/
Wuthering Heights/Jane Eyre/Angria

AST from Moscow published a new translation in 2013 by Yulian B. Sapchinoy ((318 pp.). She also translated Wuthering Heights, as well as, among other works, 6 Jerome K. Jerome stories.

Cover of the 2014 AST Russian
The Professor

In 2014 five editions of The Professor were published, mostly in combination with other Brontë works. Azbuka reprinted its The Professor/ Wuthering Heights/ Jane Eyre/Angrian tales (1472 pp.), with the same cover as in 2013, and with another cover.

Cover of the second 2014 Azbuka
Russian The Professor/
Wuthering Heights/Jane Eyre/Angria

Eksmo republished its combined Jane Eyre/The Professor (832 pp.), with a new cover, which only gives Jane Eyre as the title.

Cover of the 2014 Eksmo Russian
The Professor/Jane Eyre
(Painting: William Maw Egley -
Florence Dombey in Captain
Cuttle's Parlour (1888))
AST published two editions of the Sapchinoy translation, one together again Jane Eyre and Ashford. It’s not clear what the cover of this book is. The other one has just The Professor, with a new cover  (320 pp.).

Cover of the 2014 AST Russian
The Professor
(Painting: Barend Cornelis Koekkoek -
Portrait of a young lady (1846))

AST republished it again 2015, with the same cover. Azbuka republished their edition of the Fleishman translation in that year and in this year, 2016, with the same cover as in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The other Brontë novels
The first translation of Jane Eyre was published in 1849, followed by Shirley in 1851. It is likely that the other novels also had a 19th century translation but we don’t know about these. The first modern translation of Wuthering Heights was published in 1956, of Agnes Grey in 1990 and of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall in 2003.

This year, 2016, two editions of a Ukrainian translation of The Professor have been published by Bogdan (336 pp.), with different covers. As far as is known it is the only Brontë novel that has been translated into this language. It’s not known who translated it. As we have seen there have been editions of  translations of Villette and The Professor that were published in Ukraine but these were in Russian.

Covers of the two 2016 Ukranian
The Professor

There have also been translations of the other Brontë novels that were published in other countries of the former Soviet Union. Belarus for instance had editions of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights published in 1957 and 1958 but these appear to have been in Russian.

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