Saturday 2 March 2024

Enjoying the 'World of the Brontës' in a different way!

I have always enjoyed making jigsaw puzzles, certainly in childhood, but after growing up and having a job and getting married, I just did not have the time to do this anymore. Reading was taking over as a pastime, as this was much easier to do in between study, work or household chores. Puzzling takes space and time. 

During the Covid pandemic, however, as we were all locked up in our homes, I re-discovered this hobby, and to pass the time indoors I started to make the jigsaw puzzles that I found in the cupboards. I really enjoyed this again. A few months ago, I saw an advertisement for a very special jigsaw puzzle – “The World of the Brontës” – and decided to buy it. This was going to be my next puzzle project.

In the picture below, you can see the instruction/explanation sheet included with the 1,000 jigsaw puzzle pieces. A lot of small figures, houses, animals, scenes that are connected to the Brontës as a family or the Brontë books, are depicted separately and an explanation can be found on the right-hand side. Really very exciting …

I started doing the jigsaw puzzle without looking at the explanation sheet because I wanted to test myself and see whether I recognized the different scenes or characters depicted in the puzzle. I must say, it became very addictive to find the scenes and characters in the 1000 pieces of the puzzle. Some of the scenes are quite obvious, while others are more difficult to recognize. The jigsaw puzzle depicts the Brontë family members, including the animals, and also scenes from the books and even the juvenilia. It was quite a challenge, but one I so loved. 

I was so addicted that I was working on the puzzle whenever I found a spare moment and I was able to finish the whole puzzle quite quickly. 

Here is the finished article …

I just wanted to share my latest Brontë experience with you. If you like making jigsaw puzzles and love the Brontës and their world, I can highly recommend this very special puzzle. 

-- Marina Saegerman

(A copy of this jigsaw puzzle was one of the prizes at the Brussels Brontë Group's Christmas lunch in December.)

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