Wednesday 21 March 2007

Brontë poems in calligraphy by Brussels Group member Marina Saegerman

I started learning calligraphy in September 1997, now nearly ten years ago. I have always been fascinated by beautiful manuscripts (especially medieval illuminated manuscripts) but never got round to learning it myself until I was physically obliged to take on another hobby after having been involved in a car accident.

Up to now I have learned a number of different scripts. The scripts that I love most are “uncial” (as I used in the Emily and Anne texts) and “Celtic or Irish half uncial” based on the famous Book of Kells (which has been my source of inspiration also for many of my Christmas cards).

The texts that I use I find in all sorts of little theme books, calendars, … and of course in poetry. The poets that have inspired me over the years are the Brontës (of which Emily is my favourite) and William Butler Yeats (consequence of my fascination with Ireland and Irish/Celtic culture).

As far as the Brontë poems are concerned, I started writing in calligraphy little extracts of poems that I found on the Pam Jordan Brontë calendar that I bought in Haworth each year.

Through these beautiful calendars I have started to discover and enjoy Brontë poetry. Since then I have been reading Brontë poetry on a more regular basis. This has further inspired my calligraphy and has stimulated me in using different scripts (see my Charlotte text).

The last script that I have learnt is the “Copperplate” script, a beautiful but difficult script which I am still trying to master. This script will certainly be used in my next calligraphy Brontë works.

It is my intention to make, in the near or far future, one big calligraphy work in which I will incorporate all the Brontës with various poems. I just have to find the time for it. The inspiration and the ideas are there!

Marina Saegerman

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