Friday 9 March 2007

Our website is now on-line!

I am happy to announce that the website of the Brussels Brontë Group is now on-line.
Check out the address at: www.thebrusselsbrontegroup.org.
It has a lot of information, interesting features, links , excellent photos and images, all centred around the Brontës in Brussels.

Enjoy browsing.

Your web hostess,

1 comment:

Brontëana said...

An extremely well developed site! I'm very impressed. I do have some items you might be interested in. I have transcribed several of the Bronte devoirs, and other material such as illustrations of Villette which I could send you the links for.

I will be updating the links list on Bronteana soon. I won't forget to include the group site as well as the blog.

All the best!