Thursday 29 March 2007

Presenting the Brontës in Brussels - in French

Like Charlotte and Emily Brontë before her, Brussels Group member Sheila Fordham, who moved to Brussels recently to work at the European Parliament, is attending French classes. And like them she is sometimes given "devoirs" by the teacher.

The latest assignment was to give a presentation in French to the rest of the class on a subject that really interested her. Choosing the subject was easy: of course Sheila spoke about the Brontës and our Group!

She started by telling the other members of the mixed-nationality class who the Brontës were, which was just as well as only the teacher (who is an enthusiast, having read Jane Eyre three times) knew anything about them. She went on to talk about the Brussels connection, using pictures and books as visual aids.

Thanks to Sheila's enthusiasm she succeeded in interesting the other students. Like Charlotte after handing in a particularly good French essay, she can feel the satisfaction of a "devoir" well done. She has practised her French while fulfilling the duty of every conscientious member of our Group - spreading the word about the Brontës in Brussels!

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